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It’s easy to advertise with Swip Swap St. Augustine. We have banner ads, classified ads, and business directory listings. We’ve also got our Swip Swap Facebook groups spanning across north Florida. Our website is specifically targeted towards north east Florida counties surrounding St. Augustine, and we will reject ads from out of this area. This ensures our local residents see local business advertising.

Find Out More

We’ve compiled how-to guides on how to advertise on Swip Swap St. Augustine. Read through them, and make the most of your advertising time and budget.

Get Started

Swip Swap St. Augustine is ready to help you advertise your company. Use the website features shown below, and have your business seen by locals.

Paid Advertising

The Swip Swap St. Augustine site provides a unique opportunity to advertise your business in front of a highly targeted local market. Our content brings the community residents to the site, you just need to get your name out to them.

Banner Advertising

Be seen – Show your logo or other graphic all across our website. Swip Swap St. Augustine has ads available in various sizes and locations. All banner ads purchased through our site are mobile friendly. Each banner advertisement contains a link to your website or other internet address. Advertise your image!

Business Directory

The Swip Swap St. Augustine Business Directory allows easy interaction with your customers. They can write reviews, upload images, and leave comments about your company. This provides you with a chance to know your customers, and help fix any potential issues. Advertise specials right to them. Advanced (Paid) listings contain features not available with free listings.

Classified Advertising

Classified Ads are the primary means to advertise on Swip Swap St. Augustine. It’s a free service, with the exception of a ‘Featured Ad’. The featured ad is a premium feature, and displays your classified ad in various places throughout the website, giving you additional exposure.

Free Advertising

Swip Swap St. Augustine aims to connect local residents with local business. We have numerous means of advertising to make this happen, it’s up to you to use the tools provided to advertise and be seen.

Free Classified Advertising

Classified Advertising will never go out of style. Use this primary feature of the Swip Swap St. Augustine website to post your very own classified ad. All buying and selling ads are free, most business ads are free.

Free Directory Listing

We have free lifetime listings in our business directory. That means there’s no reason to go unlisted. Update your listings at any time. Start communicating with your customers today.

Free Banner Advertising

It’s important to have your logo or image seen by potential customers. We have a method of getting your banner advertisement published for free, with back links to your site or page. See more in our Swip Swap Groups advertising section.

Swip Swap Group Advertising

Swip Swap St. Augustine started as a Facebook group, and today we maintain over 50 north Florida local groups. We have specialty groups for merchandise sales, as well as Advertising specific groups. All of the groups we maintain are exported via public RSS feed to our website for further local exposure. There are no fees involved for using our Facebook integrated services or groups at any time.

Facebook and Google

The Swip Swap St. Augustine website relies heavily on both Google and Facebook to make the user experience what it is. At no time are you paying to use any of the features of either service. Any integration of Facebook and Google services is 100% free for your use. We are not partners of either, and only use their publicly available web development tools to further your advertising capabilities. You do not pay us to advertise with them.

As noted throughout the website, we advertise in north east Florida. If someone in St. Augustine does not or cannot benefit from your ad, then we will delete it at our discretion without notice. Ads that have been deleted are not due any sort of refund, regardless of time remaining on any contract. Save us all the hassle, and advertise local to your own area.