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About Us

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Swip Swap Jacksonville is about community.

We are based in St. Johns county, and were formed after seeing the unruly mess of Buy and Sell groups on Facebook. Chaos. The need for a better system led us into the website you’re using now. We have brought together numerous tools to help both local consumer and local business advertise their goods and services.

This part is really important. Don’t skip it. Our website is heavily integrated with Facebook and Google software. We use a log-in service that requires an account with one of the aforementioned services. This is to prevent spam, and help control out-of-area ads. All our groups on Facebook, listed here, are listed as public, and any ad posted there is subject to being re-posted on this website. This is a common Facebook feature, the same as if you comment on a news article in your feed, and it goes to the news website. If you do not want your ads to potentially be shown on this or any other websites, don’t post them in groups or on pages with Public Feeds. It is your responsibility to understand your own privacy settings with both Google and Facebook before posting, and Swip Swap St. Augustine or it’s agents will not be held liable for anything posted by any users.

Because of the Facebook/Google integration, any content you submit will be associated with the e-mail address you use to login to Facebook or Google. If you do not have access to that e-mail address, it is important to update that information on those sites, so replies to your content here can reach you.

Now on to the fun stuff.

You can submit content to our site in a wide variety of ways. Using the Facebook groups, Classifieds, Business Directory, Event Calendar, Employment Board, and Forums. We might add more. We might do away with some of those. Today, that’s what we have. If it changes, we might update this.

Community. People. Jacksonville.

Swip Swap Jacksonville groups were started by consumers for consumers. Commerce is a driving force in any community though, so we have also implemented numerous tools for promoting businesses. This site has both free and premium services offered to everyone. At no time is it required to make a purchase; all sections that have a paid feature also offer free service, with the exception of banner advertising. At no time are you paying for any Facebook features, groups, posts, or access.

Any payments made to SwipSwapJacksonville.com are made to a verified PayPal business account.

The classifieds section is primarily intended for the residents, as a static version of the Facebook group. Businesses are welcome to use the feature, however, many of the business categories are fee based. This helps keep this section consumer focused. You can pay per-ad, or you can buy a membership package which gives unrestricted business posting for a set amount of days at a highly discounted rate. Categories covered by fees are subject to change.

The classifieds also offer the ability for anyone, in any section, to buy a Featured Ad slot. This displays your ad in the slider box above the classifieds section. It appears across the main classifieds page, and the category pages. This is primarily meant for businesses too, as consumers will probably find the cost prohibitive. We do, at random, promote consumer ads to Featured Status from time to time. If you ask one of our staff members nicely, we might even do it for you. Depends on the number of actual paid ads at the time.

Our business directory is free to submit a basic lifetime listing, for any company in the area. Anyone can submit and review any business, utility, service, school church, etc. A business owner can ‘Claim’ their listing if someone else has submitted it, which then allows the legal owner and their designated agent the ability to edit the listing, or even delete the listing. Users can submit images and other information to the listings, which will help keep our directory fresh and useful.

The directory feature does offer premium features. For a fee, owners or other users can add additional information to each listing. This works much like the classifieds, with different available membership packages, including an all-inclusive lifetime Swip-Swap Jacksonville package. It is not required to purchase anything to obtain a listing.

We offer numerous means of finding and sharing employment opportunities. We have a Facebook group that promotes your posting there, we have a Classifieds Job section, and we have our Job Board. There are no fees associated with these features at all, no priority given to anyone. The site is set to include local listings from Indeed, when there are few actual local listings. If you’re looking for a job or a new employee in Jacksonville, we’ve got you covered.

Swip Swap Jacksonville also offers banner advertising to local companies. Our banner ads are available in 3 sizes, and are featured throughout the site. All available sizes are mobile friendly, and priced according to size and placement.

Let's get back to the community.

Whats going on in Jacksonville? We’ve got answers to that question! Come check out our Event Calendar, and find out where everyone is at. Every registered used has the ability to add events, make sure you get the word out!

Finally, Swip-Swap Jacksonville is intended for people, services, and companies in the north east Florida area. This is kind of important to us, and anything outside of that area will be deleted. Additionally, if you’re outside of that area and you have paid for an ad, we will not issue a refund. Just avoid the issue in the first place, and advertise in your own area. We do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, at anytime, with no further explanation due.

There are a fair amount of tools being laid out on this site, allowing people and businesses of all sizes equal opportunities to advertise their wares. If you have further questions about any of them, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page, or Contact Us. There are a couple Swip Swap Jacksonville Advertising Guides here. Use them, and get the absolute most out of this site.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Swip Swap Jacksonville.

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